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Cherry Picker 13m Petrol

Excavators 1.7T (on trailer)

Dumpy Level with Tripod & Stand

Rough Terrain Forklifts 2.4 to 4.5T

Storage Container: 20ft

Trailer 7x5

Tractor Trailer - Single Axle

Strops & Tie Downs

Waterblaster Attachment drain cleaning Nozzle

Tek Screw Gun

Knuckle Boom 26m 4WD

Scaffolding: Portable tower (wide set)

Personnel Lift: Electric 9.6m

All Terrain Scissor Lift: Diesel 10m 4WD

Air Impact Wrench (3/4" - 1" Drive)

Portable Domestic Gas Heater

Roller Double Drum Pedestrian

Trencher Spacers for 180mm trench

Trestle Set - 2.4m Standing Height

Electric/Slab Scissor Lift 10m

Porta Power - 4 Tonne

Oxygen and Acetylene welding

Trailerised Portable Toilet

Trolley Concrete Saw

Digger Yanmar 2.5T (on trailer)

Reversible plate compactor

Patio Heater

Fork Lift TMC 3T

Large Electric Concrete Breaker

Air Impact Wrench (1/2" Drive)

All Terrain Scissor Lift: Diesel 12m 4WD

Electric/Slab Scissor Lift 12m

Saber Saw (Reciprocating Saw)

Fuel Trailer: 1200L

Trestle Tables w/folding legs

Trailer 7.5: high-sided

Storage Container: 40ft

Portable Toilet

Pallet Trolley 2.5T

Come Alongs 5T

Topping Mower/Slasher

Hydraulic Borer - Auger extension 800mm

Sweeper - motorised

Tractor Trencher

Generator 8KVA (Single Phase)

Scaffolding: Portable Tower (Doorway size)

Knuckle Boom 20m Electric 4WD

Knuckle Boom 16m 4WD

Cherry Picker 15m Petrol

Scaffolding: Stairway Set

All Terrain Scissor Lift: Diesel 14m 4WD

Knuckle Boom 13.5m Electric

Generator 5.5kVa

Rotary Hoe with Tractor

Excavators 2.0T with tilt bucket (on trailer)

Outdoor Stacker Chairs

Come Alongs 1.5T

Forklift Komatsu 2.5T

Steam Cleaner - Electric - 1900psi

Right Angle Drill

Canvas Tarpaulin

Plate Compactor 70kg

Electric/Slab Scissor Lift 8m

Air Compressor 180 cfm

Load Skates

Heater - Diesel 40kw

Core Drill Drive Unit - Electric

Excavators 2.7T with tilt bucket (on trailer)

Air Compressor 16 cfm Electric

Beam Trolley

Heater - Gas 58kw

Concrete Diamond Blades

Compactor 40kg to 65kg

All Terrain Scissor Lift: Diesel Narrow 8m 4WD

Ramset Gun J20

Steam Cleaner- Boiler Unit (Waterblaster Attachment)

Come Alongs 3T

Mid Mount Tractor

Electric/Slab Scissor Lift Electric 10m (Narrow)

Levelling Bar

Chain blocks 1.5T

Backpack Vacuum

Planer - Electric

Ride On Roller - 1.5 Tonne

Excavators 3.5T with tilt bucket

Air Compressor 20cfm - Petrol

Ducting 300mm, 10m

Concrete Electric Grinder 5" (125mm)

Concrete Electric Grinder 9" (225mm)

Air Compressor 120 cfm

Ducting 300mm, 5m

Ride On Roller - 4 Tonne

Orbital sander

Waterblaster Extension Hose 15m

Chain blocks 5T

Excavators 5.5T

Waterblaster Extension Hose 50m

Magnetic Drill

Ducting 600mm

Air Drill 10mm

Concrete Saw, Electric

Concrete Saw, Electric - Extra Large

Dehumidifier - Large Commercial

Air Hose 10mm

Waterblaster Portable Electric 1450psi

Jigsaw - Electric

Gib Sander with Dust Extractor Unit

Air Hose 19mm (1")

Waterblaster Portable Electric 2100psi

Air Circulation/Extraction Fan 300mm

Concrete Saw, Electric - Large

Air Hose 50mm (2")

Concrete Saw, Electric - Small

Waterblaster Towable Diesel 3000 PSI

Electric Drill

Air Circulation/Extraction Fan 600MM

Waterblaster Trolley Petrol 3000psi

Pedestal Electric Fan - 400mm

Breaker Petrol Large

Cordless Battery Drill

Air Breaker - Large

Hydraulic Borer 200mm-600mm Auger

Cordless Nail Gun - 60-90mm Framing

Wet & Dry Vacuum - Medium

Concrete Vibrators Pencil Electric c/w shaft

Air Breaker - Small

Wet & Dry Vacuum - Large

Air Operated Nail Gun

Abrasive Blades

Cordless Nail Gun - Bradder Finishing

Compound Mitre Saw/Drop Saw

Air Regulator and Gauge

Core Drill Masonry Bit

Air Scabbler - 3 Pin Head (80CFM)

Circular Skill Saw - Large

Circular Skill Saw - Small

Belt Sander

Electric Grinder 5" (125mm)

Electric Grinder 9" (230mm)

Dyna Drill - 38mm (1-1/2")

Masonry Bits for Dyna Drill

Metal Part Off Saw

Screw Gun - Gib/Drywall Autofeed

Tile/Fibrelite Cutter